Epiphany Technology Acquisition Corp.

Leadership Letter

Open Letter

We stand at a seminal moment for the technology industry that is a true pivot point. Technology has become ubiquitous and it is an accepted truth that every business, in every industry, must undertake continuous digital transformation to succeed. An incredible number of industry changing companies have been created and built in recent years to help their customers make that happen.

Unfortunately, the capital markets have not kept pace. The number of technology IPOs has plummeted from hundreds per year during the time that companies like Microsoft, Cisco and Dell went public to only a couple of dozen per year today. Meanwhile, the number of industry changing technology unicorns has grown to the hundreds. These technology companies deserve an innovative way to access the public market and continue to build value. We believe the current market situation creates the perfect set of conditions for leading technology companies to partner with SPACs – in particular, a high quality, high value-added SPAC like Epiphany.

We are trusted advisors to CEOs, and we would be thrilled to partner with a company that recognizes the value that we can bring to ensure successful ongoing value creation. We are deeply experienced in, and knowledgeable about, technology markets, having been involved in the industry for 100+ years, collectively. Between ourselves and our board, we can provide a broad array of advice to partners, as needed, on business strategy, day-to-day operations, M&A, how to select bankers and analysts, and how to engage with Wall Street and communicate as a public company. We want to bring our collective insights and experience to bear for the benefit of a partner and their shareholders.

We are three seasoned CEOs. Each of us has decades of experience as a public company CEO, board member, or both. We understand how lonely the CEO job can be. We can be your experienced guide for the journey, not only to get public, but to be a successful public company. We believe announcing a merger is just the end of the beginning. We are committed partners for a post-merger journey to long-term value creation.

This is a seminal moment of opportunity.

Let Epiphany help you make the most of it!

January 6, 2021
Team Epiphany
Peter Bell, Art Coviello and Paul Deninger